How To Become An Actor

There are many ways to become an actor. Most of them, like anything else in this world worth having, requires a lot of work!

Here we are going to talk about all of the hard ways, because….well….Those are the ones that really work for the long term.

As a professional actor and musician, people are always approaching me and asking me how to get into the industry. Some of them come up with these crazy requests. The following are actual comments from people who “Wanted to get into the industry”. These are not listed by outrageousness, but by my favorite and by favorite I mean the ones that actually made me laugh out loud.

#3“I would really like to get into acting. My friends say that I could be the next (Fill In The Name Of Popular Actor) and I think that I should give it a go.” – Not Serious About Acting, but Thinks He Is.

My Response: “Oh awesome! It takes a lot of work and time to get where she/he is today. Do you think that you are ready to put in that time and work.”

“Yeah I’m thinking that I will do a couple of plays at first, and then a couple of movies, and then at about six months or 9 months move out to L.A. and get into feature films. If that doesn’t work then maybe I will try directing or something” – Not Serious About Acting, but Thinks He Is.


My friends if your timeline doesn’t involve YEARS you are in the wrong industry. 

#2“I thought that I would take some acting classes and get into acting. I wanted to make an extra 500 dollars a week and thought that I would do something that I like.” – Person Who Doesn’t Understand How The Industry Works.

Could you imagine showing up to an NBA team, or better yet a doctors office saying something like. “Yeah… I want to be a nurse and so I thought that I could make a little extra cash while I’m in my first year of school.  I figured I would come down and work as a nurse for a little bit of extra cash.” That’s what you are doing if you think that while you are starting training you are going to be working and making money. Acting is a serious profession your competition has been training for years. Don’t be afraid to do a little work.

My friends even though there is a lot of money to be made it will be made when you become a master of your craft. Don’t be afraid to do the work.


“Do you know of an agency that helps people get discovered. I know that I am good enough to be in movies and stuff. I just need to find an agent that helps people get discovered.” Actor In For A Surprise.

A friend of mine put it best when he said. Your agent get’s paid 10% so she will only be responsible for doing 10% of the work. This is your career you are responsible for the other 90%. If you are looking for someone to discover you you are in the wrong place.

The best thing that you can do is get a private acting coach or get into an acting class and start working on your craft. Every professional actor has an acting coach. EVERYONE! The being “Discovered” happens when your hard work meets with opportunity.

As Ashton Kutcher once said many years ago…”To me it seamed that the harder I worked the luckier I got” and he was loosely quoting Thomas Jefferson.

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